15 Most Bizarre Foods in the World That Will Freeze Your Brain

This world is a strange place with even stranger people. There are a lot of things that will shock you but nothing will shock you more than these 15 Most Bizarre Foods in the World. The things that revolt us may be considered a delicacy in a certain part of the world. There are communities and countries that will eat almost anything and everything.

There is so much bizarre food in the world that we had a hard time deciding which should make the list. From raw food, to yucky food, to disgusting food, to practically horrible food we have it all in this most bizarre food in the world list.

Caution: if you have just eaten something, you better wait a few hours to digest your food because it might come hurling back.

  1. Chicken Feet

Yes, you read it right. People do eat chicken feet and they love it. It is eaten almost all over the world. There is practically little to no meat, a lot of skin and bones. It is gelatinous in texture and surprisingly very tasty if it is cooked right and seasoned perfectly.

  1. Tripe

It is also one of those bizarre foods in the world that is eaten everywhere. Tripe is basically the lining of the stomach of various animals, cooked until it gets a sponge like texture and eaten heartily. It looks very much like a sea creature and has a very rubbery texture.

  1. Tuna Eyeballs

Tuna Eyeballs are considered to be a delicacy in Japan. Even though it sounds rather disgusting but it tastes just like octopus and squid. However, you need to have a strong stomach because these tuna eyes are giant and they are served whole. Have you ever tries to slice up an eyeball? Yeah!

  1. Century Egg

The only good thing about this egg is its fancy name. The century egg is actually a rotten egg that is preserved in quick lime, clay and ash for a few months. When it is opened, the egg has a jelly like texture and the yoke has turned completely green and smells very, very, very bad.

  1. Shiokara

Okay, this looks bad and I’m sure that it would taste even worse. Shiokara is a dish in Japan that is made from meats from sea creatures. They are coated in a brown paste that is very salty and, yes, it taken out of these sea creatures as well. Oh, and it is served and eaten raw.

  1. Wasp Cracker

Yes, it really is what you are thinking. This particular treat is a biscuit that has wasps in it. Plus, the sting of the wasp is kept intact, so if you are planning on trying it, you better kiss your tongue good bye because they have a mean stinger.

  1. Fried Spider

This particular bizarre food in the world comes from Cambodia. It is actually a delicacy and very expensive. The spiders are marinated in salt, sugar and MSG and then they are fried in garlic. Apparently it has a lot of meat on it and its center is a little sludgy and brown because it consists of spider’s innards, excretes and eggs. Delicious!

  1. Beondegi

This is a special Korean dish and it is apparently quite famous over there. Beondegi is actually silk warm that is either steamed or boiled and seasoned lightly. It sold openly by street vendors and is reported to taste like wood. Have you ever eaten wood?

  1. Picked Eggs

These rare little things are eaten rather heartily in UK. Picked eggs are actually hard boiled eggs that are left in a jar of vinegar to get that pickled taste and eaten cold. The yolk of the egg is said to be very sour and is extremely hard to eat.

  1. Fugu

Fugu is basically Puffer Fish and it is very dangerous to eat if it is not made properly. This Sashimi dish is prepared by only those chefs that have perfected the art of Fugu. However, it is still a chance that I will never, ever take.

  1. Cherry Blossom Meat

Cherry Blossom is actually horse meat. Yep, you read that correctly. This is served as a sushi, so yeah, it is eaten raw. The meat is said to be low fat and low in calories. Still, would you eat horse?

  1. Frog Legs

Do I really need to elaborate? It is basically the back legs of the frog with its butt either baked, grilled, fried or even stewed. It is said to have a faintly fishy taste, BUT it is still a frog!!

  1. Kangaroo

Australians love to eat their national animal. This meat is very low in fat and high in protein. It is eaten in a variety of ways including as a burger, steak or even as a stew. The kangaroo sausage in particular is very tasty, or so they say.

  1. Turtle Soup

Those poor little darlings! The soup is consisted of turtle skin, meat, turtle shell and innards. The soup is a Chinese delicacy and it is also served all over the world. Yum!

  1. Balut

Balut is one sadistic dish. It is actually a duck embryo that is still developing and boiled alive in its own shell. It sounds terrifying and the way it looks… well, it will give you nightmares. Plus, the locals of Indonesia find it most appetizing and actually enjoy it with a cool bear.

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