20 Best DIY Valentine’s Day Greeting Cards 2015

The sweetest time of the year is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate than with beautiful handmade Valentines crafts. Whether you have one special sweetheart or a class full of children to give a valentine to, you are sure to find something you will love from these beautiful creative Valentines.

Why send a store-bought card to your valentine when you can make this adorable one from paper hearts? Create a sweet sentiment with hearts punched from coordinating papers. Back one heart with a punched circle, and attach it to the card using adhesive foam. Print a banner strip and notch the ends to display a heartfelt message.

Here are some of the best DIY Valentine’s Day greetings cards for your love this year of 2015. And it doesn’t hurt that they are super easy to make. Take a look, bring your stuff together and enjoy!

  1. Punched-Heart Cards

A tiny stamped phrase and cute-as-can-be punched hearts make quick work of Valentine’s Day cards. Make a matching envelope with a simple stitched heart and some decorative trim. Via BHG

  1. Hand Print Hearts

Bring out your babies and get messy with red paints. They will love it and so will your wife. Simply draw a big heart and go crazy with paints with your baby. Via I Heart Nap Time

  1. Candles Card

Turn a birthday party prop into a loved one’s bright spot on February 14. All you’ll need to make this card is a blank note card, glue, and a felt tip marker. Via Real Simple

  1. Thumbprint Valentine

If you have some extra paint chips from your last home renovation (or maybe your friends or neighbors do?) you can turn them into cute Valentine-themed keepsakes in seconds. Via Inhabitots

  1. You Have My Heart Card

Make an interactive card to let someone know they have your heart. It may look difficult but it is very simple and easy. Via Passion Shake

  1. I Love You More Than…

Show them how much you really love them (more than bacon? red wine?) with a foldable paper heart chain, like this one created by Alyssa and Carla

  1. I Will Always Want to Spoon

Kittenhood created this adorable “I Will Always Want to Spoon” Card. Follow her simple directions below. It is funny and awesome.

  1. Message in a Bottle

This lovely illustrated tutorial shows you how to make a mini message in a bottle. Romantic and old school. Check out the method at Camille Style

  1. 12 Months of Date Nights

Give a card that’ll keep on giving all year long. With these free printables you can give your special someone 12 months of creative quality time. Via Thinking Closet

  1. Shaving Cream Card

Definitely a card like no other. Fill it with colored shaving cream so kids (or adults!) can draw on it with a Q-tip. This tutorial has the details. Check out this super fun card via Modern Parents Messy Kids.

  1. Heart Crayon Cards

Give them a card they can color with by making these marbled heart-shaped crayons. It is easy, it is fun and it will make her heart melt just like these crayons. Via The Nerds Wife

  1. 14 Days of Valentines

Make a little package of fourteen cards to extend the celebration for a couple weeks. Start the celebration from the first day of February until the 14th. Via The Pretty Bee

  1. Play Dough Cards

Use this free printable to make a play dough card for kiddos— or creative adults. It will be a fun casrd to make with your kids. Via The Nerds Wife

  1. Chevron Hearts

Use scraps of fabric and leather to make little chevron heart motifs that turn a plane white card into something special. You can make matching necklaces too, like this blogger did. Via We Can Re-Do It

  1. Origami Hearts

Make this classy little cards by folding your own origami hearts, as done here. It takes a little time but the end result will be worth it. Your girl will love it and reward you in the best possible way. Via OMIYAGE

  1. Photo Prop Cards

Make memories with photo prop cards that’ll inspire a Valentines photo shoot. Made by this blogger. It is fun and creative, plus you will be able to create some new memories and awesome pictures for your Valentine’s Day. Via Warm Hot Chocolate

  1. Magnet Message

Give a note that’ll stick. Trace a message onto a piece of plastic, stick a magnet on the back, and you’ve done it. Your wife will stick to the refrigerator and she will admire your handiwork for a long, long time. That means more appreciation. Via Warm Hot Chocolate

  1. Old Sock Card

Who knew an old sock could make such a cute card. It is actually a great way recycle and keep your girl happy. Via Sisters Suitcase

  1. Constellation Cards

Forget hearts and flowers, make these unique constellation cards featuring a variety of star combinations. Via Kanel Strand

  1. Cupcake Liner Candy Cards

Use cupcake liners to make little candy-filled cards, as done by this amazing woman. Via Martha Stewart


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