20 Insanely Romantic Ways to Say I Love You

Get ready to make your girl swoon. Yup, Valentine’s Day is just a month away and you need to get on with your plans to make the day as special for your girl or man as much as possible. There are a million different ways to say “I Love You” and it does not have to be said in words. There are different ways through which you can show your significant other that you cherish them and adore them.

We have some creative ideas listed below for you to consider and practice before 14th February arrives. Take a look at them and see what they do to your loved one!

  1. A Custom Cocktail

You can actually make custom cocktail for your love and name it after them. It’s a simple math of either tequila or whisky (or whatever your partner likes). Via Esquire

  1. Donuts and Flowers

Cannot make breakfast? Well, don’t worry, just bring delicious powdered donuts and put them on the dining table along with flowers and your girl will love you! Via Swanky Chic Fete

  1. Root Beer Float Kit

It’s pretty straight forward.  Just grab a few easy to find supplies:  a basket or bucket, root beer, vanilla ice cream, ice cream scoop, and some fun straws. And there you have it. Via Thirty Handmade Days

  1. Pancake Tacos

Yup this weird breakfast is the best way to show your man that you really care for him. Plus it is pretty swanky, don’t you think? Via Mr. Breakfast

  1. Special Cake For Special Someone

If your girl is on a diet, spoil her with this gluten free and flour free chocolate cake that will make her morning and your day. Via Gluten Free Spinner

  1. A Bacon Bouquet

Flowers make a nice gift to the friend that needs a smile or for that special someone in your life. Take out the roses and add bacon and your man will love you. Via Instructables

  1. A Melty Cheese I Love You

This creamy tomato soup, with one tweak, & then served it with grilled cheese sandwiches on whole-wheat bread cut into heart shapes with a large cookie cutter. Via Make Myself At Home

  1. Coffee With A Heart

Make a steamy cup of cappuccino, take a printing paper and cut a heart shape. Place the paper over the cup and sprinkle cinnamon or chocolate over it. Via Denise Meneghello

  1. Or Make a Latte Heart

Making a Latte heart is actually very simple. You just need to know the basics and you will be a pro at Valentine’s Day. Via Monkey See

  1. Perfect Steak For The Perfect Man

Cook the perfect teak for lunch or dinner for your man to make him special and show him how much you love him by indulging him. Via Buzzfeed

  1. The Perfect Valentine’s Day Breakfast

Make fun little strawberry hearts, put them on her favorite cereal and bring her and heartfelt breakfast. Via Be A Fun Mum

  1. A Beer Cake

No we are not going to ask you to do a Cake Boss episode like hard work, just a bunch of your honey’s favorite beer and make a tiered cake out of it. Simple. Via Pinterest

  1. Hearty Pizza

You will need a tiny heart-shaped cookie cutter (or extremely fine motor skills and a sharp paring knife) to pull this off. Via One Charming Party

  1. Nutella Hot Chocolate

A warm bowl of soup will give you a 7 out of 10 rainy day experience. Someone to cuddle with will give you a 10. This little recipe here will give you a 100. Via Pepper

  1. A Healthy Valentine’s Day

Kick the junk out of the house and bring in fruits. Simple take all the fruits you can think of (with their peels still intact), take a sharpie and write out funny or simply loveable lovely messages for your loved one on the fruit and surprise them with it. It will surely make them laugh to see the banana with the “I’m bananas for you!” on a banana. Via Babble and Cake Whiz

  1. Whiskey and Candy

Bring out the biggest heart chapped box out of your closet and fill it with the best Jack Daniels in the market and fill the edges with candy for yourself. A Perfect Valentine’s Day with shots and candies. Via Bacon Body Ready

  1. Cookie Dough Oreos

Only use safe-to-eat raw cookie dough (without raw eggs), otherwise you’re just going to give your boo a stomach ache. Via Cup Cake Project

  1. Marshmallows and Hard Labor

Take a box of Lucky Charms and mix it with Marshmallows, put them in a jar and let your honey bunch dig her away to her precious. Via Buzzfeed

  1. A Booze Bouquet

Make a booze bouquet and tie suggestions for your hubby for your Valentine’s celebration. Via Food Beast

  1. Heat Shaped Egg

Make a heart shaped egg with toast. Get this awesome recipe from Reclaiming Provincial


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